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Purpose Driven
Future Focused 

For Each and Every Student

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We empower each and every student to lead and live a purpose-driven life.


We provide innovative educational opportunities that ensure each student is prepared for their future.
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Core Values

Student-Centered: We intentionally prioritize the success of each student.

Student Ownership: We provide choice and voice to nurture student growth.


Safety & Wellness: We promote healthy behaviors to protect our physical, mental, social and emotional needs.


Growth Mindset: We own our actions and embrace opportunities to grow and improve.


Culture of Positivity: We nurture a culture of respect and belonging.

2022-23 Year in Review

Two TPS High Schools
Win National Ranking
as Best High Schools 

U.S. News and World Report named Toledo Early College and Toledo Technology Academy among its 2023-24 Best High Schools rankings.

Chase STEMM Academy - TPS 2019 Image Catalog-35.jpg
"The number one goal for today’s students is the same I had for myself while a student at TPS’s Waite High School – to rise up from modest means to achieve success first in school
and then in life."
-Dr. Romules Durant

Our Superintendent

Dr. Romules Durant

The year 2023 marks a major milestone for Dr. Romules Durant–it is the 10th year since he assumed the position of CEO/Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools.

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Our Board of Education

Toledo voters elect five people to serve on the Board for four-year terms. Board members are dedicated to the education of all children in the TPS District and are accountable to the community. They research issues; lobby for the district's fair share of money from local, state and federal legislators; attend school events; represent TPS on multiple task forces; discuss and vote on policy issues and approve recommendations from the superintendent of schools and the TPS treasurer on curriculum, personnel and finances.

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