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TPS 2022-23 Year In Review

Every year, the Ohio Department of Education releases an annual report card for each district in the state. These report cards contain data related to student testing results as well as information on data points like absenteeism. While we encourage you to review the district's report card by the Ohio Department of Education, we ask you to scroll below to see how TPS supports and involves students, prioritizes each and every student's future, engages the community, invests in staff, and focuses on continuous improvement.


Toledo has a vibrant, growing community with a beautiful history that includes its public schools. We know that our students, staff, families, and community accomplish great things. And that the stories of these accomplishments are impossible to capture in a single test or data report. In short, TPS believes that our students, staff, families, and community are more than achievement test data and a state report card.

Data from 2022-23 school year shows that students, staff, and families are prioritizing learning. And, while the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will reverberate through our district and community for years to come, TPS has been resilient. With the support of families and the community, we have made great progress and have all worked hard to recover from the pandemic. We will continue to make strides inside and outside of the classroom for years to come.


We look forward to continuing to report on our progress and define "TPS Proud" for generations to come.

Toledo Public Schools scored well on 'progress' in the most recent state schools report cards

Students  Supports

We prioritize the whole child.

Focus 1: Student Support Systems

Each and every child’s basic needs must be met to ensure they can meet their full potential. TPS works together with parents, caregivers and community partners to thoughtfully design and implement systems of support that meet student social-emotional, physical and safety needs.


We put students at the center.

Focus 2: Student Voice & Involvement

Student voice and involvement empower and involve students to be part of their education experience. Student involvement improves school climate, helps schools meet the needs of all students, and prepares students for civic engagement. TPS knows that when students are empowered to drive change at school and in the community, the result is a more equitable learning environment.

to the Future

We offer innovative educational opportunities.

Focus 3: Pathways to the Future

Each and every child should see the relevance of his or her learning and be exposed to practical, real-world experiences. That is why TPS has partnered with local, regional, and international organizations to create a variety of pathways to the postsecondary options and careers. We want every student to be prepared for the future they choose.

Assessments & Accountability

We value continued growth.

Focus 4: State Assessments & Accountability

The purpose of Ohio’s accountability system is to ensure each student is on a path to success. There are a variety of robust and diverse ways to measure performance that go beyond traditional achievement. TPS believes that every moment counts; from kindergarten signing day to high school graduation!

Staff Recruitment & Retention

We support our entire staff.

Focus 5: Staff Recruitment & Retention

TPS knows that all staff play a vital role in the education of students. From teachers and administrators to support staff and cafeteria workers, each person contributes to the success of a school. When all staff feel valued, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work, which can lead to better outcomes for each and every student.

Operational Efficiency

We spend with the community in mind.

Focus 6: Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is important to TPS as it can help to improve student outcomes, reduce costs, and increase transparency. When public school districts are more efficient, they can use resources more effectively to support student learning. With a focus on efficiency, TPS continually looks to streamline processes, reduce waiting time, increase customer experience, and negotiate better contracts. TPS understands that when resources are used wisely, students and the community win.

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