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2023 Strategic Plan


Our strategic plan is guided by a vision of the future where each and every student reaches their full potential.

We empower each and every student to lead and live a purpose-driven life.


We provide innovative educational opportunities that ensure each student is prepared for their future.

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Core Values

Student-Centered: We intentionally prioritize the success of each student.

Student Ownership: We provide choice and voice to nurture student growth.


Safety & Wellness: We promote healthy behaviors to protect our physical, mental, social and emotional needs.


Growth Mindset: We own our actions and embrace opportunities to grow and improve.


Culture of Positivity: We nurture a culture of respect and belonging.


Goal 1

Pursue Excellence for Each and Every Student

Objective 1.1: Deliver quality instruction to every student

Objective 1.2: Ensure student success in all learning environments

Objective 1.3: Engage parents and families as partners

Goal 2

Provide Innovative Educational Opportunities

Objective 2.1: Expand access to opportunities that prepare students for their future

Objective 2.2: Transform the local workforce through collaborative relationships

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Goal 3

Embrace the Full Potential of Each Individualect Name

Objective 3.1: Support the health and wellbeing of each and every student, family, and educator

Objective 3.2: Amplify student voice throughout the district and community

Objective 3.3: Adopt inclusive practices that support a cultures of belonging

Goal 4

Invest in All Staff

Objective 4.1: Build an employee experience that attracts the best talent

Objective 4.2: Provide opportunities for growth and development to all staff

Objective 4.3: Recognize and retain highly effective staff

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Goal 5

Provide Exceptional Experiences for All

Objective 5.1: Uphold rigorous policies and practices to ensure safety for all

Objective 5.2: Ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness focused on positive student impact

Objective 5.3: Pursue opportunities to bring new resources into the district

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